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The TruePower 199 Mini Multi Purpose Bench Grinder Review

The TruePower 199 Mini Multi Purpose Bench Grinder Review

Bench grinders are one of the powerhouses of the warehouse. You don’t buy a bench grinder just to have one. If you are interested in a bench grinder, you likely have a reason for it.

Bench grinders are tough guys. It is designed to grind whatever it comes in contact with. It warps other heavy-duty tools, making the bench grinder one of the most heavy-duty tools out there.

The TruePower 199 Mini Multi Purpose Bench Grinder Box in okay condition

Your grinding wheel can buff, clean, sharpen, shape, or even polish just about anything made of metal. Finding the right bench grinder will help you accomplish your specific task best.

There are several things to take into account when purchasing a bench grinder. There is a lot of information to take in, since most people aren’t too familiar with them.

Consider the following aspects:

  • Size – How big is the product and how large is the blade. Is it small and meant for angles and corners, or is it large and mostly meant for blades? Know what you need and plan accordingly
  • Durability – Your grinder will be grinding metal. This is no walk in the park. You need a grinder that can last countless encounters with metal, otherwise you may as well be buying a disposable tool.
  • Price – These grinders rang from a few bucks to several hundred dollars. Know how much you plan on using yours and don’t overpay.
  • Motor Speed – You won’t want something less than 140W. You need a certain level of power to maintain the battle against tough metals.
  • Purpose – Is it meant for sanding, grinding, sharpening, polishing, cutting, or just cleaning? Different grinders specialize in different areas, and if you just need a sharpener, you can find one that specializes, making your purchase most efficient.
  • Safety – They are dangerous tools. Make sure it has passed safety inspections and that you are not putting yourself and others at risk by using a shady tool.

Meet The TruePower 199 Mini Multi Purpose Bench Grinder

The TruePower 199 Mini Multi Purpose Bench Grinder and Polisher with Flexible Shaft, Tool Rest and Safety Guard is a 3 inch grinding wheel that does all that its name promises.

It comes with a 150W high speed motor with variable speed control ranging from 0 to 10 thousand RPM.

It comes with two wheels: a grinding and polishing wheel. It weighs just less than 8 pounds, and comes in a rather small size. You will find the TruePower for just above 40 dollars, making it a rather cheap grinder.

What Others Say

For starters, we can answer the purpose question. This grinder will not sharpen your woodcutting axe. It is best for smaller appliances.

It comes with a grinding wheel, but it is only 3 inches. This is a rather small wheel. It has enough torque behind it, but it will mostly just sharpen your smaller tools. It also comes with a fiber-polishing wheel. It is also 3 inches, and works well to polish smaller appliances.

With over 60 reviews on Amazon there were very few 1 and 2 star reviews. You can purchase a buffing attachment that works even better than the polishing wheel included as well.

Buffing Attachment for Bench Grinder

Reviews have shown that people who use wood carving knives will love the TruePower. It gets the knives extremely sharp, very fast.

One of the most appreciated features is the variable speed feature. It allows you to get the perfect RPM for your knife of tool. Different knife size and materials require different RPM for grinding and buffing. The TruePower allows you to easily find this for each respective appliance you are working on.

The thing is, you are paying for a very cheap grinder. If you compare this grinder to a two hundred dollar grinder, you will surely consider the TruePower to be a terrible grinder. It’s just an inferior product in every regard.

But you are getting it for an amazing deal. Sure, you don’t have impressive torque ability, but you won’t need it for what this grinder is intended to do. We can appreciate how it does not take up much space at all in your workshop.

But if you are working on miniature tools, this thing is amazing.

Just be aware that some people found that their grinder burned out rather quickly. They can get replacements, but some found even their replacement burned out fast.

The only other complaint is that there isn’t much room to work with because of the tiny size. It is hard to get certain things and angles to work with the grinder, but if you are using small appliances, there isn’t much of an issue.

Buying Guide

The best place to get the TruePower Bench Grinder is on Amazon. It is Amazon Prime accessible so you will get free shipping.

I have also noticed that it is just a couple of bucks cheaper on Amazon than in regular retail stores. While you are on Amazon, you can easily add on some polishing compounds as well as buffing wheels.

The TruePower 199 Mini Multi Purpose Bench Grinder Review

Customer service through Amazon for this product is mostly positive. The few who received a lemon product were able to get an instant refund, and those with questions found their inquiries answered in a timely manner.


The TruePower doesn’t truly give you a whole lot of power like the name implies. In fact, the torque is rather weak, and the whole thing can be frustratingly small at times.

That being said, if you have a very specific purpose in mind, this grinder may be exactly what you need.

For small appliances like wood carving knives, the TruePower takes the cake. Its tiny size is a double edged sword, but if you only plan on using this grinder for small appliances, then you are ignoring the dull edge.

For its extremely low price, the TruePower is a great deal. You aren’t getting a big fancy grinder, but you’re also not paying for one.

So what are you waiting for? Head to Amazon today and pick yourself up a TruePower grinder today.

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